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Great Sports Car Activities

If you are sports car enthusiast, your hobby affords you many opportunities to take in entertaining events and activities. Here are five activities and events that any sports car enthusiast will love:

The Atlantic City Cars Auction

This annual event in the eastern U.S. gambling Mecca is more than a simple auto auction. Over 1,000 cars are displayed and there are additional activities scheduled throughout the course of the event including a car expo and swap meet.

The auction claims to have turned away more than 200 last year cars simply due to a lack of space. The event has grown to unprecedented proportions and provides sports car enthusiasts with an opportunity to both view and purchase the sports cars of their dreams.

The last Atlantic City Cars Auction saw more than 200 U.S. muscle cars alone sold. Looking through the sales roster, one can find a variety of unique and interesting sports cars. Everything from a 1953 MG replicar to a 1986 Porsche 911 were sold at the last event.

The Atlantic City auction usually occurs every February and is an amazing activity for a sports car fan!

Corvettes at Carlisle

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, hosts an annual Corvette aficionado get together. Usually held in the later summer, Corvettes at Carlisle is a dream come true for any Corvette fan.

Activities are diverse: there are forums to discuss particular Corvette issues. There are swap meets. A parade of Corvettes occurs every year. There are awards and judging of Corvettes in a variety of categories. There are even organized Corvette trivia challenges and a cook-off to see which Corvette lover is the best chef.

Corvettes at Carlisle is a can’t-miss event for all Corvette owners, and a remarkably fun multi-day event for any sports car enthusiast.

Tokyo Auto Show

There may be a sense of fun and relaxed camaraderie at an event like Corvettes at Carlisle. The Tokyo Auto Show, on the other hand, offers a hyper-kinetic experience that is likely to produce jaw-dropping reactions on the part of attendees.

The Tokyo Auto Show is a popular place for the unveiling of new sports car prototypes and concept cars. With the Japanese manufacturers being on the cutting edge of new sports car design and development, it’s no surprise that the popularity of this annual international car show continues to grow.

In 2005, the Tokyo Auto Show unveiled scores of new vehicles and prototypes including glimpses of new sports cars—some of which won’t hit the market for another two years.

While many sports car events celebrate the past, the Tokyo Auto Show charges into the future with new sports car displays and a focus on automotive technology.

Muscle Car Ranch

Muscle Car Ranch really is a ranch. Located outside of Chickasha, Oklahoma, the Muscle Car Ranch features an annual gathering and swap meet for muscle car enthusiasts.

The event is widely recognized as the premiere event of its type and is often called “The Woodstock of Swap Meets.” The description is apt, as thousands of muscle sports car enthusiasts will spend multiple days in Oklahoma to gather around their favorite subject: muscle cars. Every year, The Muscle Car Ranch provides live entertainment, often in the form of well-known classic rock and roll bands.

Muscle Car Ranch features numerous organized activities for sports car fans, as well as a great chance for socializing.

Middle East International Auto Show

You don’t have to go to rural America or the heart of Japan to find great sports car events. You can also head to one of world’s richest nations, the Middle Eastern country of Dubai to check out the Middle East International Auto Show.

The show has grown each and every year since its inception and is likely to continue to post higher marks in popularity. One of the Dubai shows claims to fame is its ability to attract incredibly affluent buyers and sports car fans to the show. As such, one can expect to see many of the world’s finest sports cars and most exotic sports cars at the Dubai show.

Being a sports car fan provides you with some great entertainment options: Whether you want to play some blackjack in Atlantic City and check out the auction, enter a high-speed digital underworld in Tokyo, hang out with friends in rural Pennsylvania, rub shoulders with the world’s most wealthy in Dubai, or catch some rock music and muscle cars in Oklahoma, you can do it!

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