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Reconsider a Sports Car Purchase

The idea of buying a sports car is amazingly attractive to many people. One may be entranced the fun to be had driving a high-performance vehicle on winding roads or the excitement of zipping past traffic with great acceleration and maneuverability. Sports cars also seduce potential buyers with their beautiful styling and graceful lines. However, purchasing a sports car is not for everyone.

There are at least three reasons one may want to steer clear of purchasing a sports car. Although none of these reasons are absolute reasons for avoiding a sports car purchase, they are factors that should be considered by any smart consumer considering a high-performance vehicle.

Up-front Cost

Sports cars, by their very nature, tend to cost more than standard production models. The high-performance parts and cutting edge styling do not come cheap! One can anticipate spending a considerable sum for a sports car when cheaper vehicular alternatives are readily available.

Most new cars are financed, which means the cost differential between a new sports car and another more traditional automobile model will grow over time. A difference of several thousand dollars in initial purchase price can be functionally multiplied over the life of a financed purchase. This difference in cost should be fully considered by any prospective sports car buyer.

Maintenance Cost

Although sports cars are increasingly reliable, they still tend to cost more to maintain than other options. Sports cars often make use of less commonly available parts, which increase repair costs. Their carefully tuned high-performance engines also tend to require more adjustment and tighter maintenance schedules than their more utilitarian brethren.

Over the life a sports car, one can expect to spend a great deal more for repair and maintenance than they might with any number of other options. Exotic parts, frequent tune-ups, expensive technicians and other factors can combine to create maintenance costs far in excess to those of the traditional auto.

Financial issues are not always an important factor. There are those who can afford the costs associated with a sports car and will happily do so in order to drive a sleek, high-performance vehicle. For many, however, the higher purchase and maintenance costs are a reason to avoid the purchase of a sports car.


There is no question that sports cars are a thing of beauty. They also tend to offer performance levels to which regular cars can only aspire. However, if there is a non-financial downside to a sports car it is most certainly their limited utility.If you plan to ever transport more than one person and a few bags of groceries, a sports car is likely to fall short of your needs. Generally, even those sports cars with back seats only offer limited space that is unlikely to be comfortable even for a child. Trunks are usually tiny and even the driver and passenger quarters can be cramped. Remember, sports cars are built with a focus on performance, not on comfort.

As an everyday vehicle, the sports carís utility shortfall makes it a potentially unwise choice. We tend to use our cars a great deal and often require a lot of function and flexibility in our transportation that sports cars simply cannot provide.

Anyone considering the purchase of a sports car should be certain the pitfalls associated with their ownership will not make their decision regrettable.

There are those for whom a sports car makes perfect sense. As an additional hobby car for the financially secure, for instance, a sports car may be perfect. But for many drivers, cost and utility issues more than trump the wonderful upside of sports car ownership.

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