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Sports Car Buying Tips

Buying a sports car can be an intimidating process. Automobiles can be significant investments, and the sports car market can be complicated and overwhelming. Anyone planning to purchase a sports car should keep these X tips in mind throughout the process.

Research the Market

A prospective buyer should investigate the prices being asked for the cars in which they are interested. Local newspaper ads, as well as an internet sites can provide you with a good way to determine prevailing asking prices. Internet research can supply you with information regarding the asking price for similar cars throughout the world. This information will help you decide what a sports car is worth and what drivers in other areas of the world are paying for the vehicle.

Patience is a Virtue

Do not negotiate with sellers until you are ready to buy, and avoid being pressured into making a decision right away.

This also means one should avoid pretending to be an immediate buyer when dealing with salespeople. Feigning immediate interest is not a good practice as the salespeople will not know if or when they should take you seriously. If you later return to a salesperson, they may not show you adequate attention or interest if you have “played games” with them before.

When feeling out the market, one should also wait to discuss the price one is willing to pay. Providing a salesperson with a specific price range while investigating the market is a feeding tool the sales person can use to get an idea of how much they may be able to push a price upward. This also gives them an opportunity to direct your attention to specific vehicles that may or may not meet your expectations. While being patient, discuss price in broad terms and avoid excessive specificity.

Negotiate Wisely: Use the Telephone

When you feel you understand the market and have pinpointed potential sports cars in which you have a strong interest, you will need to begin the negotiation process. One should enter this critical aspect of sports car purchasing with an awareness of good negotiating technique.

One should strive to negotiate via telephone instead of dealing with sales staff face-to-face. In-person negotiation puts the buyer on the salesperson’s home territory, giving them a greater degree of comfort and advantage. For instance, face-to-face negotiation allows salespeople to “work in packs,” approaching the customer from multiple angles simultaneously, potentially clouding key purchase issues.  At the dealership, salespeople can also use “tricks of the trade” such as checking for “management approval” in another room, creating pressure opportunities.  Pressure can be a salesperson’s greatest asset, and accessing them by telephone leaves you in a less restricted position. Remember, sports car salespeople are talented professionals. If you are in their presence, you can expect sales pressure to be exerted in any number of ways—some of which you may have never expected.

If you are dealing with them on the telephone, they have to talk to you, are less able to play games with you, and are less able to effectively use emotional ploys. You cannot be passed from one salesperson to. Telephone negotiations allow you to have critical information right in front of you and allow you to take time to discuss your automobile purchase with other trusted sources before sealing the deal.

Retain Your Power

Often sports car buyers feel like sellers have the upper hand. This feeling of powerlessness can lead to poor decisions during the buying process. One must remember that, as the consumer, they are in a powerful bargaining position.

Early research allows a sports car buyer to understand competing prices and to use this information to move sellers into lower costs. An informed potential buyer should feel comfortable using their research and understanding of the sports car market to their advantage.

At some point in price negotiations, a sales person will provide what is clearly a final price. At this point, the prospective buyer still needs to retain their bargaining clout. Ask the salesperson to unbundled the price of the extended warranty and compare that to the original price. Ask if there are financing options that can further reduce the car’s price. The smart sports car buyer must continue to keep his or her own best interests in mind.

Be a Reasonable Person

Even though a smart buyer will be tenacious and well informed, it is necessary to retain a level of civility and politeness in sports car price negotiations. The staff at the dealership may be an important ally if your car subsequently needs repairs. A good relationship with a sports car dealership can also be of great benefit for future purchases.

So, even though one must be a strong negotiator, it is not necessary to push salespeople too far or to engage in inappropriate argument. Haggling for a great price is perfectly acceptable, but it should always be done in a professional manner.

Remember, these five tips can make the often-difficult sports car buying process easier for any buyer.

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