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Sports Car Clubs

Sports car clubs are not unique to the United States—they are a global phenomenom.

Sports car clubs are normally non-profit organizations run by voluntSome clubs are large enough to be recognized by the public for entertaining annual events.

Clubs can offer services, assistance, and advice about sports cars either freely or with a fee to its members. This support can be valuable for those new to the world of sports cars and to experienced veterans seeking out little known information and ideas. The exchange of information is one of the greatest advantages to sports car club membership.

Sports car clubs often offer free or inexpensive magazines to their membership. These publications can be an outstanding source of information about a specific sports car and are generally of great entertainment value to aficionados of a particular car.

Sports car club membership can come with financial perks. Many businesses will offer special offers or deals for members. This can result in significant savings on parts and extras. The bargains sports car club membership can produce can make the club’s dues a true bargain.

Some insurance companies give special reduced rates to club members in an effort to encourage sports car drivers to use their product.

Membership can be a great family experience. The families of club member are often encouraged to get involved with the club. Many clubs do fundraisers and special events throughout the year. Most clubs have events at which trophies are awarded to different classes of cars in a variety of different categories. These events can be both great social opportunities, as well as the financial lifeblood of the organization.

There are many sports club cars throughout the world. They include:

American Classic Car Club (Post Vintage)

Early American Car Club

The American Post Vintage & Classic Car Club of NZ Inc

American Classic Car Club

Shelby American Automobile Club

All British Vehicle Club

British Cars Bay of Plenty

Sunbeam Sports Car Club of South Africa

American Muscle Car Club Inc

Rootes Car Club Norway

Auckland Veteran & Vintage Car Club

Central Districts Classic Car Club Inc

Classic and Sports Car Club Northland

Club Targa

Egmont Classic Car Register

Ladies' Classic Car Club

Classic Motorsport

This diverse collection represents only a scant few of the many clubs for sports car hobbyists.

Sports car club membership is an excellent way to make one’s hobby even more rewarding.

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