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Sports car enthusiasts have thousands of exciting events from which to choose every year. From the Atlantic City auctions to the Muscle Car ranch, there are a variety of entertaining and informative happenings for the sports car scene. One can choose from any number of swap meets, rallies, meetings, auctions and car shows locally and throughout the country.

Among the plethora of available events, some are truly can’t-miss experiences for sports car aficionados. Here are three such events:

SCCA National Convention

The Sports Car Club of America holds its national convention annually, generally in February. The event is billed as an opportunity to “visit, celebrate and learn.” Considering the high-quality membership and several organized presentations, the convention is likely to provide a fantastic opportunity for any sports car buff to do all three. The annual SCCA Convention offers an unrivaled opportunity to rub shoulders with the most knowledgeable of sports car buffs and giants in the field.

In addition to a full roster of exciting events, the Sports Car Club of America convention also serves as the organization’s opportunity to induct true greats in the sports car field into its hall of fame.

While the SCCA Convention may not be as glitzy or glamorous as a trip to the Orient to see the latest high-tech autos, it does offer such a unique opportunity to gain information and know-how that it simply cannot be overlooked.

Tokyo Auto Show

For those who want an unforgettable experience, attendance at the Tokyo auto show should do the trick. Interested in seeing the very latest concept cars and sports car prototypes? The sprawling Tokyo car show is the premiere event for those showcasing the latest developments from the sports car world. Featuring unique presentations (often by creatively costumed models) of new cars, displays demonstrating the newest technologies, and set against a digital, futuristic backdrop, this giant annual event is one car show on everyone’s short list of important events.

Those accustomed to local car shows at their metropolitan expo center will be amazed at the production put on by the Tokyo car show. It is an automotive event like no other, held in an exotic location.

The North American International Auto Show

Sports car fans who are unprepared or unable to travel internationally, might want to consider the famous North American International Auto Show. For many of us, the city of Detroit is synonymous with the idea of autos, so it should come as no surprise that the event occurs in the Big Three’s own backyard.

The North American International Auto Show is billed as the largest auto show in the world and it features almost every new car on the market—including sports cars. Additionally, great efforts are made to show attendees what they can expect from future automobiles. Concept cars, prototypes and other future-focused vehicles are displayed and demonstrated.

Anyone with an interest in the latest sports cars—and the future of the sports car scene—is sure to be thrilled by a visit to the annual North American International Auto show in Detroit.

With so many choices, it can be hard for sports car fans to decide which events they should make every effort to attend and which ones they can miss. There is no way to make every event, so one must make choices. Three of the premiere events, however, should make it onto every sports car buff’s short list of must-see. These spectacular events offer unthinkable informative and entertainment value for any fan of high-performance vehicles.

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